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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Systems For Greensboro, NC

Don't take chances with the quality of your air. Get the air quality system you and your establishment deserve, and protect the health of your guests and yourself in the process.

Despite being commonly overlooked, ambient air quality is crucial for human health, and monitoring stations across the country track levels of various pollutants to ensure compliance with national ambient air quality standards. Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces air quality standards to protect the environment and public health, which is why you should not take chances with the quality of your air. Get the air quality system you and your establishment deserve, and protect the health of your employees, visitors, and yourself in the process.

Clean air is a necessity everywhere you go. Schools, businesses, and hospitals are just some examples of businesses that all need an indoor air quality system they can count on to remove impurities from the air. Our staff at Superior Mechanical can help you keep mold, particulate, and other pollutants out of the air, all while maintaining comfortable temperature control throughout the year.

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Why You Need a High-Quality HVAC System

It is not enough to have a HEPA air purifier in the office and assume you are protecting the air you breathe from air pollutants like pet dander, tobacco smoke, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, smells, smog, and other microscopic dust particles that can trigger asthma and allergy illnesses that make it hard to breathe. Emissions from vehicles, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides contribute to air pollution in urban areas, including the Greensboro community. The indoor air quality of your commercial business may contain harmful airborne pollutants as well which are not so easy to see. Having a great commercial HVAC system is not just about providing comfort from the hot summer days we experience in Greensboro, North Carolina, but more importantly, it helps to regulate the quality of your indoor air. Commercial businesses and school buildings alike benefit from air quality control systems.

Poor indoor air quality can endanger the health of your employees and customers, possibly even making you liable for a lawsuit. To avoid any legal issues, it’s important to ensure that your building’s air is free of gasses, asbestos, mold particles, and other pollutants. We offer a variety of service packages that will ensure your air ducts, air filters, and air purifiers are regularly maintained and inspected.

How Poor Air Quality Impacts Health

The American Lung Association advocates for clean air and raises awareness about the health risks associated with air pollution. One example of these risks is particulate matter, a dangerous pollutant, which can penetrate deep into the lungs and lead to various lung diseases. Children, seniors, and even healthy adults can suffer extreme health impacts from polluted air, from mild symptoms to life-threatening risks.

Poor air quality can cause eye and nose irritation, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Long-term exposure to poor air quality can lead to conditions that include asthma, respiratory diseases, heart disease, and lung cancer. Since these conditions can be severely debilitating and sometimes fatal; it is crucial to try to improve the indoor air quality of your commercial facilities.

Another set of symptoms often seen in the workplace is cumulatively known as the sick building syndrome. This describes situations where occupants of a building experience problems with their health and wellness only while spending time in the building, which then dissipates over time after they leave. These feelings of ill health or lack of comfort cause a decrease in the productivity and well-being of the employees and people present. No specific illnesses can be identified in these cases, other than an overall detrimental feeling, including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and the presence of flu-like symptoms.

Evaluating Your Air Quality

When an HVAC system is not maintained, it can degrade indoor air quality in many ways. These include spreading allergens and dust, the presence of strange odors, discomfort with heating or cooling being blown at excessive speeds, or not adequately managing the humidity of the space. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your heating and cooling system, it may be time for an inspection.

To determine whether or not your business is due for an air inspection or air duct cleaning, review the following checklist:

  • Is there discoloration around your system’s intake or blower vents?
  • Have you noticed your employees sneezing or coughing frequently?
  • Have you recently had any remodeling or construction?
  • Do your vents seem to have weak airflow?
  • Has there been a fire somewhere in your business recently, even a small one?
  • Does your business have a musty or moldy odor?
  • Was your facility built in the 1970s or earlier?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you are likely due for an air quality inspection. During an inspection, one of our indoor air specialists examines the air handler and air distribution systems, measures the air quality levels, and makes recommendations for clean air solutions.

Once clean air solutions are in place, regular preventative maintenance and equipment upkeep can ensure that you maintain healthy indoor air quality within your Greensboro, NC facility. With the circulation of clean, healthy air, employee and customer health and productivity are uninhibited, and the longevity and efficiency of your systems and energy use are promoted.

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Maintain Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality With Superior Mechanical

Our air cleaning systems offer quieter and more efficient air quality solutions that you can trust to filter out and absorb contaminants and improve indoor air quality on your property. Providing comprehensive commercial indoor air quality services throughout Greensboro and other Piedmont Triad communities, we strive to exceed every customer’s expectations.

Our qualified HVAC technicians will examine your air filtration system and perform any air filter replacements, air purifier repairs, or air duct cleanings necessary. To improve your commercial facility’s air quality, schedule an appointment today.

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