Boiler Installation in Wilmington, NC

Our Linc Service® Certified technicians are trained to provide a wide range of boiler services for all types of boilers.

Boilers are an excellent source of heat for your commercial or industrial facility due to their energy efficiency and low operating costs. Superior Mechanical has a team of HVAC technicians and engineers who will evaluate your facility and make expert recommendations based on your needs. Our team of boiler installation experts is ready to get your new boiler installed or replaced today.





Boiler Installation
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Does your commercial or industrial facility need an energy-efficient heating solution? Superior Mechanical specializes in expert boiler installation in Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding areas. We’re ready to provide new construction HVAC installation, retrofit older buildings, and start helping you save on utility costs.

Our Linc Service®Certified technicians are trained to provide a wide range of boiler services for all types of boilers, making them uniquely qualified to perform installations. We proudly serve just about any business that uses a boiler for heating and air conditioning in the Greensboro area, or the Wilmington area. If it’s time to replace your old heating and cooling system, trust Superior Mechanical with all your HVAC needs.

Quality North Carolina Commercial Boiler Installation

Regardless of fuel source, boilers offer efficient, cost-effective heating solutions. Superior Mechanical has a team of boiler installation experts who are ready to get your new boiler installed or replaced today. Boilers are an excellent source of heat for any commercial or industrial facility including:

  • Universities, colleges, and schools
  • Hospitals and health facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Office spaces
  • Warehouses and industrial spaces
  • And more...

Choosing The Right Boiler To Install

When it comes to boiler installation, upgrades, and replacements, it’s important to choose the right model for your needs and budget. Superior Mechanical has a team of HVAC technicians and engineers who can evaluate your facility and make expert recommendations. We’ll help you choose a boiler that uses:

  • Propane
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Oil

If you have a radiator system and need a quality heat source, a boiler installation may be the right investment. Call us or contact us online today to discuss the options available to you. From natural gas to electric models, we can install all levels of gas heating equipment with as little disruption to your daily operations as possible.

Wilmington Boiler Installation With A Certified LINC Service® Provider

Boilers are efficient, but complex heating systems. Because boilers have so many components, they can start to break down over time, just like any other mechanical system. It’s important to partner with a certified HVAC contractor in Wilmington, North Carolina, to ensure your equipment is installed correctly the first time.

If boiler issues are left unaddressed, they can lead to serious issues and damage. It’s likely time to upgrade or replace your current boiler system if you notice any of the following warning signs.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacement

  • Clunking sounds or bizarre noises
  • Leakage of any kind
  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • Not enough heat or too much heat
  • Unit is turning off or turning on constantly
  • Frozen condensate pipes
  • Strange odors

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to contact Superior Mechanical immediately. These could be signals that your boiler is about to fail, which could result in production downtime, expensive repairs, or even facility evacuation.

Superior Mechanical is your local Certified LINC Service® Provider in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. This means we hold ourselves to an incredibly high set of standards and belong to an exclusive network of specialized contractors. Our team is thoroughly trained, experienced, and ready to install your commercial facility’s new boiler.

Don’t risk expensive repairs or another premature boiler replacement by choosing the wrong HVAC company. Partner with the trusted boiler installers who’ve earned a solid reputation with Wilmington, NC, business owners, property managers, and other industrial professionals.

Energy-Efficient Boilers

Boilers traditionally have a lifespan of about 15-25 years. Even if you don’t witness any obvious signs of malfunction like those listed above, you may notice slight incremental increases on your utility bills.

Older boilers tend to be energy-inefficient and can lead to excessive energy loss. This means that the older your boiler is, the more likely it is that you have a higher utility bill each month.

Reduce your operating costs and become more energy-efficient with a new boiler installation in Wilmington, North Carolina. We can help you choose a new model and prescribe a preventative maintenance plan to keep your new unit up-and-running longer, with fewer disruptions, and less downtime.

Compared to other heating systems, boilers offer incredibly efficient use of energy—especially if fueled by gas or oil. Because boilers use water to carry heat through a closed tubing system, instead of a vent system, warm air can circulate slowly. This means heat is distributed evenly throughout the space, and your facility stays warmer with less energy consumption.

Additionally, boilers don’t blow dust around like traditional vent systems do. Facility occupants can enjoy feeling the warmth with less dust and fewer allergens in the air.

If your building needs to keep different rooms or spaces at different temperatures, a boiler installation may be right for you. Keep some compartments warmer than others and conserve even more energy.

Boiler Installation Frequently Asked Questions

How does a boiler work?
In general, a programmable thermostat in your commercial facility tells the boiler when to turn on. Depending on the type of boiler system you have, the gas, oil, electricity, or other heat source heats up the water inside the boiler. The heated water (or steam) is then dispersed throughout your facility via a radiator. After the water in the air cools, it returns to the boiler to be reheated. Once the thermostat reaches the desired temperature, the boiler turns off.

How much does boiler installation cost?
The cost of a new boiler installation depends on how large your facility is, the type of heat source you decide to use, and whether you have an existing boiler or radiator system in the building. Also, your cost will depend on the contractor and boiler model you choose.

How much does a commercial boiler cost?
The cost of a commercial boiler traditionally depends on the type. For example, a propane gas boiler is typically more expensive than a natural gas boiler. To price commercial boilers, contact Superior Mechanical for more information. We can help you choose the best model for your space and your budget.

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