The Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

When it comes to commercial AC maintenance for HVAC machines here in NC, smart business owners know that scheduling maintenance early and often can prevent the need for costly, time-draining repairs down the road. Unlike residential HVAC and AC system setups, commercial units tend to be more complex, have more moving parts, and require more devoted time to make sure they’re running smoothly—which means regular maintenance is much more of a necessity than a convenient luxury.

As hot as North Carolina summers can get, it pays to be on the right side of cool air by ensuring your commercial AC units are maintained regularly by licensed HVAC contractors and trained technicians.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance
Is Commercial AC maintenance necessary?

With the number of business expenses that we simply can’t control here in North Carolina, it’s always nice when there’s something that we can control. Utility bills and the amount you pay to your electric company can be greatly reduced by keeping your HVAC unit in shape with commercial AC maintenance. As a preventive service, it’s our technician’s job to ensure your AC unit operates efficiently and effectively at all times of the year. The more efficient the unit is, the less you’ll have to pay. We strive to ensure that every AC system, heating system, and general HVAC unit we service operates at 100% efficiency for as long as it possibly can. When a machine starts operating below its full potential, its costs elevate as it uses more energy, fuel, and electricity to do the work required of it.

Aside from keeping energy bills low and reducing the load on your HVAC machine, commercial AC maintenance is necessary for any NC business because regular maintenance increases the machine’s lifespan, as well as the lifespan of the moving parts that keep heating and cooling systems running (like condenser coils, thermostats, ducts, heat pumps, and more).

What do air conditioning maintenance services include?

When you schedule AC maintenance for your HVAC system, your service technician’s job is to perform a full and complete assessment of the air conditioning system—not just a tune up. This includes both quick checkpoints like checking indoor air quality and measuring the accuracy of thermostats, and the performance of more in-depth benchmark tests, like verifying ductwork is in good shape (and not leaking), cleaning the condenser drain, topping off refrigerant, and more.

A more in-depth checklist for air conditioning maintenance services from an HVAC team like ours here at Superior Mechanical may also include the following:

  • Replacing filters: This is typically done in the summer and winter, and involves replacing the filters on the heating system and cooling system. This is done in order to ensure no debris clogs air output.
  • Assessing electrical connections: As with any machine, an HVAC machine is only as good as its connection to a power source. There are many things that could wrong with a commercial units’s power feed, and a good maintenance team can assess and fix those possible issues before they lead to expensive HVAC repair bills.
  • Lubrication of the machine’s moving parts: Proper lubrication of things like bearings and motors can keep them turning for years and years. A good air conditioning maintenance plan will include smaller details like this, as it’s often the smallest parts of machines that can lead to the biggest problems, if not properly handled.

The goal behind commercial HVAC maintenance is to ensure your air conditioning and heating systems remain in top shape through regular, preventative attention.

In a state with temperatures that can rise as high as they can fall, North Carolina business owners can be particularly susceptible to malfunctioning or ill functioning parts on even the newest of HVAC units, which is why scheduling consistent maintenance is so important. Unlike a house or other living space, if a commercial HVAC unit malfunctions, the lack of cool or warm inside air could lead to fewer customers, decreased sales, malaise from workers, and even anger. No matter how much foot traffic your NC business receives, poorly operating air conditioning or heating systems can quickly and significantly reduce your profits.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Service
How expensive are air conditioning services for NC businesses?

The expense of general commercial HVAC maintenance typically depends on the amount of regular maintenance work that’s required. Typically, a reputable HVAC company will quote maintenance prices after gauging the size of the commercial property, the complexity of the ductwork, and the type of air conditioning system that’s keeping things cool. Additionally, many companies will charge based on the frequency of services provided. While commercial HVAC maintenance certainly isn’t required on a weekly basis, bi-monthly or quarterly assessments are among the most common frequencies.

What to Look for in a Good Commercial HVAC Maintenance Company

Maintaining your commercial HVAC machine is a tall task to complete, which is why it requires a team with experience in the industry and the skillset to know how to spot potential problems before they turn into serious issues. When looking for a good HVAC or air conditioner maintenance company, consider one that knows North Carolina inside and out, and understands the unique weather patterns and fluctuations that could be particularly detrimental for a NC company. If they know the area, there’s a much better chance that they’ll know the signs of wear and tear from weather, erosion, or external damage that could be most costly to repair down the line. If they have experience in heating and air conditioning repair as well, that’s also a plus, as it means they’ll be able to not only keep your systems running smoothly, but will also know how to fix them quickly and easily if need be.

Additionally, look for a commercial maintenance company that employs professionals who take pride in their work. Unlike other commercial jobs that require little prior training, AC maintenance of any sort demands sound knowledge of units and their functionalities. Unfortunately, not every company ascribes to the same professional standards. You want a company that will send an HVAC contractor that will prevent the need for unnecessary work later on down the road—not force you to call a repair service!

Finally, when looking for a good commercial HVAC maintenance company, look for a company that is transparent. A transparent company has nothing to hide, will be up-front about their pricing, and will make your main priority their main priority!

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