Commerical HVAC Contractor in Wilmington

Trusted Commerical HVAC Contractor in Wilmington, NC

We are a full-service, licensed commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor proudly serving Wilmington, NC, and the surrounding communities.

We take pride in offering comprehensive, affordable, and professional HVAC services including inspections, installations, repairs, and preventative maintenance throughout North Carolina.

Trusted Commerical HVAC Contractor in Wilmington, NC
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We offer quality commercial and industrial HVAC services.

Superior Mechanical is a full-service, licensed commercial heating and cooling contractor proudly serving Wilmington, NC and the surrounding communities. We’re a Certified Linc Service® Contractor offering customizable HVAC solutions to address all of your heating and cooling needs.

Our Commercial HVAC Standards

Our technicians and engineers are expertly trained in best commercial HVAC installation practices. Superior Mechanical takes pride in offering comprehensive, affordable, and professional services to every one of our Wilmington, North Carolina customers. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards with regards to:

  • Commercial Heating and Cooling inspections
  • Commercial HVAC installation
  • Preventative maintenance for commercial HVAC systems
  • Quality repair and upgrade services
  • Licensed HVAC system design and engineering
  • Maintaining healthy air quality
  • And more

If your heating and cooling systems are installed improperly, your HVAC system’s lifespan is shorter and you’re more likely to experience higher maintenance costs. Superior Mechanical has a team of commercial HVAC engineers to design your system correctly from the very beginning. Our North Carolina native service technicians are specially and extensively trained to bring those plans into fruition.

Backed with experience and motivated by an evolving industry, Superior Mechanical is one of the top-rated commercial HVAC contractors Wilmington, NC has to offer. Speak with one of our HVAC experts about your commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs today.

Superior Mechanical Understands Commercial HVAC Complexities

Commercial buildings each have unique purposes, physical layouts, and locations. Because of this, HVAC systems can become complicated quickly. Much larger in size and more intricate than their residential counterparts, commercial HVAC units require regular maintenance and careful planning to avoid serious complications in the future.

Our commercial heating and cooling technicians and engineers have the experience and education to install, repair, and maintain most major commercial HVAC units, including ground source heat pumps. We take your budget, the size and purpose of your space, heating and cooling needs, and other factors into consideration when evaluating your project.

HVAC Location Planning

Most commercial HVAC systems are located on the building’s roof for several reasons, benefiting both the HVAC system itself and the building’s occupants. Commercial units are typically much larger in size as they require more power and capacity. Because of this, they’re also quite loud. Not only would finding space inside of a commercial building be challenging for such a large unit, it’s noise level would be disruptive.

We recommend installing your HVAC unit on your roof to prevent damage and unnecessary maintenance costs. Rooftop HVAC units are less prone to vandalism and theft compared to ground units. They also collect less dirt, grime, and other types of debris.

Commercial HVAC systems are both large and modular. This means if the needs of your building change, so can your system. Typically speaking, the real estate on top of your roof is less valuable than that inside or in front of your commercial space. There’s more room on your roof to expand an HVAC system without disrupting the physical layout of your warehouse, business, or operation.

Additionally, commercial HVAC systems are complicated to install, repair, and maintain. By having each component of your unit in one central location on your roof, it’s much easier to fix and our HVAC technicians likely won’t need to enter your building.

Single-Split vs. Multi-Split HVAC Systems

The question every Wilmington, NC property owner asks: Should my building use a single-split or multi-split commercial HVAC system? The answer is that it depends on your needs and the size of your commercial space - and Superior Mechanical can help you make the right decision.

Single-split systems require an indoor unit and a corresponding outdoor unit for each space you wish to moderate. This is usually the most affordable option for smaller commercial properties that don’t need to control the temperature and humidity of multiple rooms independently of one another.

Multi-split systems can connect multiple indoor units to one central outdoor unit. These systems have a smaller physical footprint and are usually more energy-efficient compared to single-split units. They also allow for more control of multiple rooms or spaces within a commercial building. However, they’re usually more expensive to install and maintain.

Both single-split and multi-split commercial HVAC systems typically use refrigeration lines, furnaces, and ducts to circulate cool or warm air throughout the building.


Variable Refrigerant Flow or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems are a type of split-system commercial HVAC unit. While many multi-split units can connect roughly ten indoor units to a single outdoor unit, VRF/VRV units can connect upwards of 60. If you have a very large commercial space and need a multi-split HVAC design, work with Superior Mechanical’s team of expert techs and engineers.

Drainage & Ventilation Components

Commercial HVAC systems produce more condensation and require more ventilation compared to smaller or residential units. Superior Mechanical inspects your system and building’s layout to determine the best way to configure your drainage and ventilation components including pipes, pans, and ducts.

Preventative Maintenance With A Specialized Commercial HVAC Contractor

As a Certified Linc Service® Contractor in Wilmington, North Carolina, Superior Mechanical has a thorough understanding of preventative commercial HVAC maintenance. Not only do we offer increased energy performance, less expensive utility bills, and improved equipment reliability, we also keep your unit optimized all year long with annual inspections.

Superior Mechanical is the Full-Service HVAC Company You Can Trust

Prolong the life of your heating and cooling system with the help of a quality, trusted commercial heating and cooling contractor. We recommend biannual inspections (twice a year) to address the ways seasonal climate changes impact your commercial unit. Our preventative HVAC maintenance packages include:

  • Inspecting, cleaning, or replacing air filters
  • Inspecting your condenser coils and evaporators
  • HVAC water or refrigerant leak detection and repair
  • Electrical inspection
  • Cleaning air ducts and vents
  • Gear, belt, and bearing lubrication
  • And more
Our Commercial HVAC Standards

We offer full-service maintenance agreements that fit your heating and cooling needs. Most commercial and industrial buildings should be scheduling preventive maintenance to minimize operating costs, utility bills, and HVAC system downtime.

If you do experience a complete HVAC system shutdown, Superior Mechanical provides emergency services to repair or replace your unit. We are experienced with commercial cooling tower systems, boilers, chiller systems, and more.

We’re the state licensed and insured heating and cooling contractors serving Wilmington, North Carolina and each surrounding area. Contact us today for a thorough consultation and more information about heating and cooling solutions.

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