HVAC Engineering & Design Services

See for yourself how our expertise can benefit you and your business. Our commitment to our clients gives you the level of service you deserve from your HVAC contractor.

The key to high-end efficiency is in the engineering behind it. At Superior Mechanical, our HVAC engineers have decades of experience in HVAC engineering, and we are proud to make that experience a benefit for our community. We take the time to work closely with our clients and determine what their unique needs are to build a system that fits them to a tee.

HVAC Engineering & Design Services
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When your HVAC system is designed properly, it will result in money savings, energy efficiency, and a comfortable business atmosphere. Having a qualified team of professional HVAC engineers who are true mechanical engineers designing your commercial HVAC system ensures the highest performance.

Superior Mechanical HVAC engineers are licensed mechanical engineers with extensive HVAC training and are highly experienced in providing a full range of HVAC Engineering services for your facility and building location. With the ability to customize our projects, we ensure that we meet your personalized HVAC system needs. Whether you need simple ductwork design, or full ventilation systems installed, our HVAC system design engineers are ready to get working. Our HVAC engineering team will also work closely with other qualified engineers to build a highly effective HVAC system well suited for your space and personal preferences.

Designing Efficient HVAC Systems

Superior Mechanical’s team of qualified and experienced HVAC engineers, project designers, managers, and technicians will utilize the latest in cutting edge HVAC mechanical system technologies and processes to design and deliver a comprehensive HVAC equipment system that meets the specific needs and demands of your facility. If your HVAC system will require a large space or a small space, our HVAC engineers will design a system that fits every time. Whether you are located in Greensboro and your HVAC system needs an upgrade or in Wilmington and you need a replacement, our engineers are able to retrofit your HVAC system so it meets your specific needs and specifications.

When outfitted properly with a well-designed HVAC system, your facility or home will have the proper humidity levels for the space, will have a properly partitioned distribution system, and will leave your space feeling comfortable and efficient.

Why HVAC System Design?

Ensuring that heating, cooling, and ventilation systems perform efficiently all starts with a solid HVAC design. You need a heating and cooling system that is sized appropriately for your space. A distribution system that delivers the right amount of cool, conditioned air is important to maintain a stable temperature throughout the commercial space or building. It also affects efficiency, as you will have to pump more air to keep a poorly ventilated space cool. Make sure your energy costs are kept down and your occupants are safe and healthy. Superior Mechanical’s professional engineers are experts in HVAC system design, ensuring that you receive an efficient, highly productive HVAC system.

High-Quality HVAC Systems with Superior Mechanical
High-Quality HVAC Systems with Superior Mechanical

Superior Mechanical provides single-source HVAC equipment solutions to the commercial and industrial marketplace. Well known for its integrity and engineering expertise in the HVAC industry, Superior Mechanical offers HVAC systems design, conception, engineering, service, upgrade, replacement, and more to fully service your facility’s HVAC needs.

At Superior Mechanical, we ensure that your entire heating and air system is built to exact mechanical design specifications. You will never have to worry about a faulty HVAC design with our team of professionals. We have the HVAC engineering expertise needed to gain a thorough understanding of your existing heating and air conditioning system, how it works, how it should work, and the ability to apply sound engineering principles to all diagnostic and design efforts.

01 24/7 Availability
We understand that HVAC problems often strike when you least expect them. That’s why we are committed to providing around-the-clock availability to accommodate any HVAC emergency you may experience. Our HVAC contractors are always punctual, prompt, and courteous. We arrive on time and finish on time—every time.
02 Fix-it-Once
With our HVAC Repair Policy, You can count on our team to complete your service with accuracy and skill. Our goal is to provide a repair that is effective, lasting, and permanent. That way, you never have to call us out for the same issue twice—as much as we love seeing you.
03 Preventative Maintenance
As a business owner, you have enough on your plate not having to worry about your HVAC maintenance needs. Allow us to lift the burden from your shoulders with preventative maintenance services and cleanings. Our heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and plumbing services will keep everything in your business running smoothly.

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